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CSR activities taken by us over the years


Provides financial support to poor and needy people in medical emergencies  

We have our professional group which includes doctors, engineers, businessmen, and others to assist needy individuals following case verification. Our WhatsApp group provides financial assistance to the poor and needy people during medical emergencies on case-to-case basis. The reason for the formation of this group is for authentication and direct accessibility. The group members are obligated to provide financial assistance to the patient’s bank account in accordance with their affordability following communication with the patient’s party and verification of their medical emergency. The required sum will be deposited into the bank account of the patient party. The sender must close the case after sharing the transaction screenshot in the WhatsApp group after a successful money transfer. Financial assistance is not fixed and is different for every case depending on the patient’s medical condition and urgency.

Assisting financial support to low income individuals to get out of their debts

The same group of professionals has also helped financially disadvantaged individuals to get out of their debts. We have already provided debt relief to low-income people who cannot pay their loans. With our financial assistance, we will enable people to get out of debt and lead normal lives in a society free of stress and mental pressure.

Distribution of computers for underprivileged students

We have also supported the distribution of the computers to different schools and NGOs serving poor and underprivileged students in Kolkata and its suburbs to facilitate learning.

Supported “DISHARI” by supplying geyser and water purifier as and when required

We have supported a girl’s NGO known as “DISHARI” by supplying it with geyser and water purifier as needed. It is a Girl’s Resource Development Centre of the Liberal Association for Movement of People (LAMP), which was founded in 1979 and has since developed into a secular, non-profit and non-political organization. It is located in West Chowbaga, which is in the south-eastern part of Kolkata and its mission and vision are to help the underprivileged girl. The children living in this NGO suffers from dysentery, stomach pain and infections as a result of high arsenic content in the area’s drinking water. After consulting with the higher officials, we came to conclusive evidence of the presence of arsenic in water. That is the main reason for donating of a water purifier to this organization.

Have donated blankets to the leprosy affected people of “RAHAMAT DANGA LEPROSY COLONY”

“RAHAMAT DANGA LEPROSY COLONY” which was established in the year 1953 is a very unique in India and one-of-a-kind Leprosy Colony situated in Asansol (West Bengal). We have distributed blankets to the leprosy affected people during the winter season and we are gaining further access to their requirements in order to maintain our support in the foreseeable future.

Have also distributed stationeries to “THE SOWER’S INDIA CHILDREN’S HOME (For Girls)” and “BURDWAN HARIJAN HINDI PRIMARY SCHOOL” for children

We have already extended our support to the poor and underprivileged girls/ children of “THE SOWER’S INDIA CHILDREN’S HOME” an NGO based in Asansol (Paschim Bardhaman) and “BURDWAN HARIJAN HINDI PRIMARY SCHOOL” by distributing copies, books, pens/ pencils, bags, and other stationery.

Extended our support with blankets to the poor people on the streets of Jharkhand and “RAINA TAPOBON ASHRAM”, Burdwan (West Bengal) during the winter season

During the winter, we extend our hands to the people living in poverty along the roadside of Jharkhand by providing them with blankets. Along with that we have also distributed the same mostly to the elderly people of “RAINA TAPOBON ASHRAM” in Burdwan.

We have adopted a child from Faizursoof (a Non-profitable school) of Noonpur (Bihar) for education

We have already adopted a child for education from Faizuroof, a non-profit school located at Noonpur, Bihar. Furthermore, we are planning to adopt many needy and underprivileged children in the near future. We are also planning to support out-of-school children, schoolgoers who live below the poverty line and/ or single parents by supporting them in pursuing and completing their education as well as their hopes and dreams for the future.